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The Secure Startup provides CANADIAN contract templates, legal advice, and guides for women entrepreneurs – without expecting you to pay a crippling, and sometimes open-tab, hourly rate. 

I built The Secure Startup to help women-owned small businesses and startups get the protection they need to become wildly successful! I know you don’t want vague advice or industry-speak. I don’t either, so I try to practice what I preach.

What I want is to protect your passion and make sure your startup is secure – without getting crippled by complicated legal costs. That’s why I provide easy, downloadable contract templates, legal advice, and guides designed for your business. For a MUCH lower cost than working directly with me. But with the same protection built-in, based on your industry.

Never again will you need to bet that your $99.99 off-the-shelf, dubious document from the internet will protect you.

And if it doesn’t? Is your plan a prayer and duct tape? Not on my watch!

Andrea Henry | Business Lawyer & Founder of The Secure Startup

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"Without hesitation, I hired Andrea & her team and had a flawless experience with incorporating. My business income doubled and I launched a new product (with a thorough Terms and Conditions). With Andrea’s help I felt a sense of confidence and security as I took some bold moves to grow my business. I highly recommend The Secure Startup Bundle to help you uplevel your business and your mindset."

Gwen Elliott

Online Course Producer / CEO of Gwen Elliot International Inc
"We love The Secure Startup and it was available at the right time for our business, The Curly Girl Shop.

As our funds are minimal at this stage, we were still able to utilize your user-friendly templates to protect our business and make our startup secure. Thank you so much for this service."

Teresa Reid

Curly Girl Shop

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Industry-specific, comprehensive legal protection that thinks through all the needs of the vertical.

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