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Therapist Bundle

Whether you’ve just taken the plunge into your own practice or are an experienced practitioner building a sustainable clinic, you should spend some time thinking about the unsexy legal side of having a successful psychotherapy practice. Legal leaks into every aspect of what you’re doing- from remaining compliant with your college, to your branding and advertising, to how you deal with the money coming in.

You need this if:

✔️ You’re currently operating a psychotherapy practice

✔️ You’re about to quit your job and start your own practice

✔️ The only contracts you have are ones you cut and paste from the web

✔️ You don’t have a legal clue and you KNOW you need help interpreting the legalese


✔️ You don’t know where to start

✔️ And you don’t want to pay huge fees for legal help

✔️ It’s all becoming too much for you and frankly, you’d rather stick your head under the sand

With The Secure Startup, you’ll be prepared for anything, anytime! The Therapist Bundle offers guides, legal info on running a psychotherapy practice, as well as downloadable templates so you can be on top of any legal challenges you might have. I’m here to help protect your practice, so you can relax and focus on your clients.

You’ll get:


  • An introductory video that walks you through everything in your bundle and how to use it most effectively
  • Guide to using the templates
  • A Law 101 guide for psychotherapists
  • A guide detailing the anatomy of a contract


  • Independent contractor agreement for healthcare professionals
  • Independent contractor agreement for contract services
  • Employment contract
  • Intake and consent form (updated for Covid and virtual practice)
  • Coaching agreement
  • Speaker agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use agreement
  • Cease and desist letter

Get comprehensive legal protection based on years of experience working with therapists!