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Beauty Entrepreneurs Bundle

Is your startup a spa, salon, wellness studio or any business that falls within the beauty industry? Then you’ll know that beauty is only skin deep and business success depends on an often-overwhelmed entrepreneur like you who needs strategic legal protection to end all the what-ifs that keep you up at night.

You need this if:

✔️ You’re running a small business in the beauty industry

✔️ Your entrepreneurial ideas are just getting off the ground

✔️ The only contracts you have are ones you cut and paste from the web

✔️ You don’t have a legal clue and you KNOW you need help interpreting the legalese


✔️ You don’t know where to start

✔️ And you can’t afford to pay huge fees for legal help

✔️ It’s all becoming too much for you and frankly you’d rather stick your head under the sand

With TheSecureStartup, you’ll be prepared for anything, anytime! The Beauty Bundle offers guides, legal info on running a beauty business and reading a lease so you don’t get screwed, as well as downloadable templates so you can be on top of any legal challenges you might have. I’m here to help protect your beauty business, so you can relax and get all the beauty sleep you sorely need.

You’ll get:


  • An introductory video that walks you through everything in your bundle and how to use it most effectively
  • Guide to using the templates
  • The Legal Side of Running a Beauty Business
  • How to Read a Lease so you don’t get screwed
  • Dealing with negative reviews and unhappy clients (including email templates)


  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Employee Agreement
  • Client Waiver and Release
  • Privacy Policy
  • Chair Rental Agreement
  • Influencer Agreement
  • Cease and Desist Letter

Get comprehensive legal protection that thinks through all the needs of the vertical!